ChemPartners in its development is constantly moving forward, and the speed and quality of the development depends on our highly professional and friendly employees.

We offer our employees the opportunity for maximum fulfillment of their potential and are delighted to welcome specialists and outstanding personalities who are ready to professional self-expression in the Company.

The basic principles of HR-policy of ChemPartners group:

  • First of all, you are a decent person, respecting others and yourself, and only then – a specialist
  • You understand that the experience and knowledge that you will get while working with us worth far more than the salary (very competitive) we will pay you, and it is important to you
  • You will not even think about ways of gaining "extra" benefits, not known to the Company's management, due to knowledge and connections acquired while working in ChemPartners
  • You can share your professional plans and plans of the Company, but they should never be in contradiction
  • You are not afraid of difficulties and ready to exchange comfort for challenges leading to new knowledge and experience

We welcome your CV's at olga.trifonova@propartners.ru or by fax +7 (495) 710-86-42.

CV should be brief, but fully reflect your experience and knowledge. Thank you!