Corporate culture

The proud and one of the main priorities of the company is maintaining of the formed team of professionals, colleagues and for now even friends.

It is essential for ChemPartners that the employees of the Company were not only the team of qualified professionals but also likeminded people the energy and the attempts of which are targeted to achieve the mutual goal – the growth and the prosperity of the Company!

ChemPartners are grateful to their members who showed themselves committed to the Company work principles, loyal for its requirements and who demonstrated high drive for results. The Company in its turn is ready to enable career and professional evolution correlated with the growth of the salary, also providing attractive pay package including health insurance, corporate fitness, apartment rent and so on.

We do our best to create the spirit of cooperation and common ground in the Company. Creating and maintaining the atmosphere of the mutual trusting, understanding and assistance is the top priority task for us. The absence of the career intrigues, compensation transparency and communication constructiveness are our norm and rule.

Various internal meetings between different departments are held in ChemPartners on a regular basis. Much attention is paid to raising competence by organizing workshops and case studies. For supporting team spirit and establishing bright emotional atmosphere we arrange diverse corporate events. ChemPartners can not only organize parties but also have a lot of fun on them!

Check out the photo report from the last ChemPartners life events in our album, but what is better – your personal attendance!

We would be happy if you also become the part of ChemPartnes!