September 2018

ChemPartners are 17 years old! In early September, this wonderful event brought together a large team of professionals, arranging a sports quest to once again prove that ChemPartners are the best in everything they undertake.


Birthday is always a special day, and when it is the birth of a whole company, this day becomes even more important, because so many people are involved in the formation of success and pushes forward such a complex organism, moving synchronously and harmoniously. Over the years, ChemPartners have learned a lot, discovered a lot for themselves and for their partners, and this thirst for knowledge will never subside, allowing us to improve and become better.

We want to thank all the partners, friends, colleagues, with whom ChemPartners became itself in full 17 years. Everyone has contributed in his own way, we say «Thank you» to everyone. There are still a lot of interesting tasks, complex cases, unreal projects, and most importantly, new people with whom we want to work, knowing that we can help.
The party gathered more than 130 people, and it is not all the staff and guests with whom we would like to share this joyful event. Divided into teams, all took part in an exciting sports quest based on the game Fort Boyard, showing strength, ingenuity and agility, remaining one team.

Новость Сентябрь Корпоратив.jpg

More photos can be found in the Corporate culture section on our website.

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